Tales From the Field: Crazy Stuff We’ve Seen From Other Management Companies

Many of our customers come to us with a home that’s under existing management, which means we’re constantly dealing with other property management companies. And boy, have we seen some crazy things.

When we first started this company, we wondered if perhaps the industry’s reputation for incompetence was exaggerated. But after having interacted with dozens of other companies in the field, it’s clear that reputation is right on the money.

Here are a few of the most shocking things we’ve seen. The offending companies will remain nameless, mostly because we don’t want to get sued.


The Mystery Tenant

Here’s one we’ve seen not just once, but over and over and over: someone will move a tenant into a home and not collect any information from them besides their name. No phone number, no email address, no nothing.

A few times, when we’ve asked how they contact such tenants, the response has been that they do so exclusively by mail—or, even worse, that they never really contact the tenant at all.


The Oven as Furnace

We often hear from tenants that the previous management company was completely unresponsive to their maintenance requests. The most shocking example? A tenant who was forced to heat his house with his oven all winter after his furnace broke.


The One Key to Rule Them All

We once asked a company to give us a copy of the keys to a house that was being transferred over to us. The response? They couldn’t… because every single home under their management was keyed to the same key. That means any tenant in any one of their properties could get into any of their other properties, as long as they knew where to look.


The Mystery Office

We’ll end on one that’s less serious than the other three, but so comically inept that we had to include it. A management company once asked us to come to their office to pick up some files on a property. When our guy went to the address they’d given us, he found himself in an empty lot. Turns out this company had gotten their own address wrong. That’d be bad for any company, but it’s especially ironic for one whose entire business is real estate.


We’ll continue to share stories like these as we encounter more of them—and based on our past experience, I’m certain there are more to come.

Got your own tales of management gone horribly wrong? We’d love to hear them.

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